Monday, May 24, 2010

Ultrasound - 20 weeks

This is our favorite clip from the Ultrasound.  It's amazing to see our precious little baby moving!  It's funny to watch it jerk and punch me--it did this when I laughed--and to watch it 'cozy' it's head and swallow. ^_^ So cuuute!  Hope y'all enjoy it almost as much as we did.


Tigger said...

So, when you had your ultra sound, did you find out your baby's gender?

I don't know if you knew this, but I am due about two weeks after you. I am eighteen weeks along right now.

Are you guys going to find out what you are having? If you do, I hope you post it!

How was your move? Are y'all settled in yet? I hope you post more soon!

Thanks for sharing your ultrasound.

The Hathaways said...

Thats so awesome! How in the heck did you get a video of it? I always just got pictures. I cant wait for you to have this baby!

Kristin Call said...

No, we didn't find out what we're having. I don't think I did know that you were pregnant. Congrats! Are you going to find out what you're having? We haven't moved yet but we've only got about another week and half. We did find a house, though and we're getting very excited!

I bought a disk that I thought would have pix but it was just a video of everything she did. In the video we can watch her cursor move and take measurements and stuff. It just recorded everything and she gave us that copy. I used windows movie maker to take some still-frames and video clips. I was confused as to why I didn't have any pictures but I LOVE the fact that I have a video of my baby moving!

London said...

Hey. You will for sure have to keep this updated from now on so I cn know what you are up to. Just know you will be missed when you leave utah!!!

Tigger said...

Sounds fun. If you need a pit stop in Southern Utah, feel free to drop by. I would be happy to make y'all a sandwich or something. Good luck when you do move!

Oh, and I get to have my ultrasound tomorrow. Ryan and I are going to find what we are having.

Anne House said...

I think you're having an alien